Other Products

We stock a range of other products that our customers have requested that are essential
in the day to day running of a smoothie and juice bar. These other items can be ordered
with the frozen fruit as a mixed drop.

Fat Free Frozen Yogurt

Fat Free Frozen Yogurt is a great foundation to any smoothie/milkshake and not only
adds extra body but flavour too.  We can offer different flavours in 6 x 4Litre tubs or if
portion control is essential we can offer the very popular 150ml yogurt bars.

If you are looking for a Dairy Free option in your smoothie then we offer the neutral
sorbet which acts as a fantastic smoothie base whilst accelerating the fruit flavours

Fruit Juices

We offer a range of 12 x 1 litre Fruit Juices, our range includes, Apple, Orange, Pineapple and Tropical Juice

Other items

We can also offer include, Honey, Drinking Chocolate, Low Fat Oats and Muesli – please email for the full range.