Why Frozen is better?

Our frozen fruit is Individually Quick Frozen (IQF) In terms of nutritional value, freezing is the best way of preserving fruit, freezing arrests the product at peak ripeness, preserving the vitamins and minerals which makes fruit so nutritious.

Unlike the unreliable and often very expensive fresh produce, the frozen fruit gives you a 2 year shelf life (must be stored at -18), provides wider scope for recipe choices all year round especially when certain products are out of season and more importantly removes any wastage that commonly exists with the use of fresh produce, therefore saving you money.  The advantages of frozen are endless.

Please find our range listed below:

IQF ACAI Nuggets
IQF Apple Diced/Sliced
IQF Apricot Diced/Halves
IQF Banana Slices
IQF Blackberries
IQF Blackcurrant’s
IQF Blueberries Wild/Cultivated
IQF Cherry Sour/Dark Sweet
IQF Cranberries
IQF Damsons Puree/Whole
IQF Gooseberries
IQF Kiwi Dice/Slice
IQF Mandarin Segments
IQF Mango Diced
IQF Orange Segments
IQF Papaya Diced
IQF Passionfruit Nuggets
IQF Peach Diced/Sliced
IQF Pear Diced
IQF Pineapple Tidbits/Diced/Chunks
IQF Plum Diced/Halves
IQF Pomegranate
IQF Raspberries Whole/W&B/Crumb
IQF Strawberry Whole/Diced
IQF Redcurrants
IQF Rhubarb 1/2 Inch Cut
IQF Summerfruit Mix

We can deliver from as little as one case using our small specialist vehicles.  Please see our Delivery Page for more details

Please click here to see our Frozen Fruit Sachet Range